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We help our customer succeed

Successful companies often use consulting services for business development. External experts are impartial and bring a new perspective and professional aspect. Our goal is to help our customers succeed. With our expertise we ensure that the economic conditions of our customers as well as products, services and activities meet the quality requirements of the future.

Experience and versatility as our strength

Our expertise is based on years of experience required for an engineering project execution, development of management systems and evaluations

Years of experience in assisting our customers

We have operated since 2004 helping our customers to manage their activities better,
to understand the market in more depth,
and make their businesses more competitive.


Q-Test Ltd develops your activities

We offer practical service. Our high quality activities are tailored flexibly to customer needs.

Quality and Process Systems

-System development
-Audits and certification

Other Management Consulting

-Strategy development
-Business plans

Welding Coordinating and NTD Inspections

-Development of welding process
-Welding inspections

Outsourced Services

-Welding Coordinator
-Quality Manager


Contact Information

Q-Test Ltd
Ari Numminen, Managing Director
+358 40 562 3060